AgileSHIFT® Certification Training Course

Learn the value of agility and how to implement a true Agile transformation within your organization

  • Student Benefits
    • Strong earning potential with the average salary of Agile professionals is over $90,000 per year (
    • Strong career demand with over 200,000 Agile professional job openings on LinkedIn
    • Learn a highly sought after transferable skillset by Leveraging Agile and Lean methodologies for organizational-wide agility
  • Enterprise Benefits
    • Foster organizational agility and collaboration 
    • Gain a competitive advantage embracing change  
    • Deliver products and services at a quicker pace
    • Develop Agile and Lean methodologies to improve organizational-wide agility and success
  • To complete the AgileSHIFT certification, you need to attend an accredited training course. 
  • The next step is to pass the certification exam administered through PeopleCert. 
  • The AgileSHIFT certification exam is 45 minutes long and includes 33 questions.  
  • Passing the exam requires 22 marks or more
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AgileSHIFT Certification FAQs

The AgileSHIFT certification is a training solution that helps companies prepare for a shift to the Agile organizational framework.  

Focused on enabling business-wide transformation using Agile concepts and approaches, the AgileSHIFT methodology empowers teams and individuals to foster change within their organizations through guides and training.

The AgileSHIFT certification is designed for leaders who are looking to successfully transform their organization into an Agile enterprise. Roles that will find this certification valuable include: 

  • C-suite executives (CIO, CTO, CPO, and so on) 
  • Transformation leads/managers 
  • Change leads/managers 
  • Coaches 
  • Senior executives within product management, portfolio management, finance, human resources, sales, and marketing 

AgileSHIFT helps organizations work more efficiently to maximize early and ongoing delivery of value. This enables them to survive and thrive in competitive and disruptive markets. 

The training program focuses on the cultural shift needed to bring about change. Upon passing the certification, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to help your team members and employees become proactive changemakers. 

Most Agile methodologies and certifications focus on IT operations and the delivery of software. 

AgileSHIFT applies the Agile framework to an entire organization — sales, marketing, legal, HR or finance — and aims to optimize the delivery of product and services, not just software. 

The focus of PRINCE2 Agile is to help practitioners and organizations deliver projects in an Agile context. It was designed specifically for project managers and those working within a project management environment. 

In contrast, AgileSHIFT is focused on changing the mindset and culture within the whole organization to think and act in an Agile way. 

Publicly scheduled AgileSHIFT course events feature the Take2 re-sit exam option. If you experience an unsuccessful result, you can retake the exam within six months of your first attempt. 

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