Achieving AgilePM® Foundation Certification Training

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  • 2-day instructor-led training course
  • One-on-one after-course instructor coaching
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Attend this official APMG AgilePM Foundation certification course and learn how to flex and deliver projects rapidly to meet your customer needs. Plus, you will prepare for and take the AgilePM Foundation exam in-class.

  • Familiarity with project work, either as a project manager or as another role on a project – this course is not designed to teach people how to be a project manager, it is in tended to provide an agile framework to those who already have some basic project experience.
  • Familiarity with agile product development (for example, Scrum) – this course builds on product development experience to encompass the entire agile project lifecycle, not just development aspects.

  • This course is accredited by APMG.

  • There are a few hours of pre-course reading required.
  • On Evenings 1 and 2 there will be some sample exam questions set as homework. It is important to set aside some time to complete this extra work – candidates who are able to complete both the pre-reading and the homework achieve significantly better exam results.

  • The Foundation exam will be administered during class.
  • Foundation exam: 40 minutes, 50 multiple-choice questions, passing score is 50%, closed book.
  • APMG Exam no shows, or late cancels/reschedules will result in a £20 fee to the candidate directly from APMG.

Attendees who have successfully completed the exam are gifted 1-year membership with Agile Business Consortium. Individual Consortium membership offers the following benefits:

  • Online webinars
  • Member training days
  • 20% discount on items in the Consortium’s web-ship, including general events such as the Agile Business Conference
  • Latest templates

Eligible candidates will automatically receive an email invitation from The Consortium to active their membership.

Achieving AgilePM® Foundation Certification Training Delivery Methods

  • Exam voucher included
  • PRINCE2 Agile Project Management manual and study guide included
  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Practice exams, prep questions, and additional resources included

Achieving AgilePM® Foundation Certification Training Course Benefits

  • Prepare for the AgilePM Foundation certification exam.
  • Recognize the underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile.
  • Understand the lifecycle of an Agile project, including alternative configurations.
  • Apply the products produced during an Agile project and their purpose.
  • Apply techniques used and understand their benefits and limitations.
  • Identify roles and responsibilities within an Agile project.

AgilePM Foundation Certification Course Outline

  • Exploring the relationship between Agile, AgilePF and DSDM
  • Integrating DSDM with best practice methods
  • Outlining the eight principles that guide DSDM
  • Analyzing the Project Approach Questionnaire (PAQ)
  • Accepting the DSDM philosophy
  • Identifying a successful team style
  • Completing pre-project activities
  • Ensuring that the right projects are started and set up correctly
  • Identifying important members of the team
  • Planning the Feasibility Phase
  • Confirming that a solution exists
  • Creating an outline business case
  • Defining the project organization structure
  • Planning the Foundation Phase
  • Integrating business, solution and management perspectives
  • Establishing a Priorities Requirements List (PRL)
  • Defining project and solution standards
  • Agreeing on roles and responsibilities
  • Extending the outline business case
  • Baselining a schedule of project activities
  • Iteratively exploring detailed requirements and confirming viability
  • Iteratively modeling solutions
  • Refining the evolving solution to meet prioritized business needs
  • Expanding and refining products
  • Timeboxing development cycles
  • Controlling progress throughout the project
  • Delivering a quality product to meet requirements
  • Managing project risk
  • Achieving acceptance from stakeholders
  • Planning the release
  • Transferring ownership to the business environment
  • Migrating products into live use
  • Training end users and completing documentation
  • Confirming that the benefits can still be delivered
  • Formally closing the project
  • Evaluating the project to support continuous improvement
  • Assessing whether the project benefits have been achieved
  • Comparing the results of the projects to the original business case
  • Gaining insight into the exam process
  • Applying proven tips for exam success
  • Practicing with sample test questions
  • Completing the necessary APMG paperwork
  • Taking the foundation exam

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The Foundation exam will be administered during class.

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