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  • Webinar

    Top Tech and Power Skills for 2024

    The business world is changing at an alarming rate, and the need to keep yourself and your team up to date with the latest skills and technologies is vital to organizational success. From cybersecurity to leadership to project management, this webinar will cover a wide range of in-demand skills and related topics across all industries. Learn how important it is to acquire these skills, and what it could mean for your professional role and career. Tune in to get all this and more, all in one watch.


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  • Webinar

    AI in Business: Answering Your Questions on AI Implementation and Impact

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the business landscape, and organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve need to understand how to implement AI effectively. This webinar will provide you with the practical insights you need to successfully integrate AI into your organization.


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  • Infographic

    AI Engineer Roadmap


    Navigating the route from interest to impact in artificial intelligence engineering

  • Brochure/Learning Path

    Defend Your Organization from Cyber Threats

    Align your workforce with cyber security frameworks to protect your organization against cyber threats.

  • Webinar

    Power Up Your Productivity: Building Solutions with Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint

    There is a trend of organizations focusing on complete automation, whether it means creating their own unique, tailored applications or automating manual workflows. Join certified AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud Expert, Keith Pealstrom as we discuss how to use Microsoft's Power Apps and Power Automate to streamline your everyday task, build custom apps, automate workflows, and increase workforce productivity.

  • Webinar

    Transitioning to the Cloud: Comparing Azure and AWS

    It's easy to identify why any organization would transition to the cloud. However, the concepts and practices required to successfully implement migration can be a challenge. Join us as we discuss how to choose the right cloud provider for your needs, the benefits of cloud computing, and the differences between on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure. We will help you plan and implement a successful cloud migration with tips to minimize downtime, secure data and manage costs, and compare Azure and AWS to help you achieve your cloud-based goals.

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  • In the News

    Learning Tree Launches New One-Day ITIL 4® Course to Help Professionals Recertify Before June 30 Deadline

    Learning Tree International announced the launch of a one-day course for ITIL® 4 practitioners who must recertify before the June 30, 2023 deadline.

  • Video

    The Duke Advanced Technology Leadership Program: Creating People-First Leaders

    The Duke Advanced Technology Leadership Program creates people-first leaders who know how to innovate, communicate, and motivate even in the highly complex, hurried, and uncertain environments in which most of us work today.

  • Webinar

    FitSM - The New World of Service Management

    Join award-winning ITIL author Hitesh Patel and process implementation expert Sandy Kelly as we explore the concepts, benefits and applications of Federated IT Service Management (FitSM). While FitSM is free for everyone, this webinar will help you understand this unique framework and provide guidance to achieve effective IT service management.

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  • Webinar

    How to Close the Strategy-Execution Gap

    Developing a strategic plan of project execution can greatly increase your chances of reaching your performance targets. Join us and Duke Corporate Education as we discuss closing the strategy-execution gap and taking your organizational strategy from point A to point Z.


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