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  • Webinar

    The Evolution of Project Management Certification: Insights for the Future

    Join us for an illuminating webinar as we delve into the dynamic changes that have reshaped project management certifications over the past 10 years. In this webinar, you’ll discover the evolving landscape of project management with a focus on the leading certifications including PMP and PRINCE2 along with those that are driven by a more agile approach such as ICAgile.

    You will gain valuable insights into what this signifies for the future of project management including the significance and application of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  

  • Webinar

    Copilot Unleashed: Turbocharge Your Business with AI Assistance

    Transform your workday with Microsoft Copilot, the AI-powered assistant that seamlessly integrates with your favorite Microsoft apps. Discover how Copilot simplifies tasks like drafting emails, analyzing data, and creating professional documents, regardless of your tech expertise. Join our webinar and unlock the power of AI to boost your productivity, unleash your creativity, and achieve more in less time.

  • Webinar

    Certified Scrum Developer: An Essential Scrum Team Credential

    Ready to advance your Agile development career? Join this webinar to learn how becoming a Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) can accelerate your career and help you deliver exceptional products within the Scrum framework.

  • Webinar

    Ahead of the Game: Level Up Your Career with PMP® Certification

    Are you a Project Management professional looking to take your career to the next level? Do you want to stand out in the competitive job market and earn more? If yes, then obtaining a professional certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI)® is the way to go. 
    Join Project Management Expert and Learning Tree Instructor John Moore for this webinar where you’ll learn about the benefits of obtaining a Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification through PMI, the eligibility requirements and the resources that you can use to prepare for the exam.

  • Webinar

    DoD 8140: Next-Level Workforce Upskilling

    Ready to unlock new cybersecurity career opportunities? The DoD's 8140 initiative can help. Join this free webinar to discover approved courses, career benefits, and the program's focus on workforce diversity.

  • Webinar

    Essential Cyber Awareness for Everyone

    This webinar will address the growing complexity of cyber threats and the importance of adopting a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of common threat vectors and their potential impact on organizations. Additionally, the webinar will showcase CyberShield, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide robust protection against a wide range of cyber threats.

  • Webinar

    Fundamentals of a Modern Data Strategy on AWS

    Organizations need a data strategy to succeed, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every organization will have unique objectives and obstacles. Join this informative webinar to learn how to modernize, unify, and innovate your way to a modern data strategy with AWS.


    Earn 1 CEU

  • Webinar

    Adapting and Achieving: Project Management in Today's Dynamic Landscape

    Project management is ever-evolving, requiring professionals to constantly adapt their skills and knowledge. Join project management and Agile/Scrum expert Hamid Aougab for this insightful webinar to learn how to navigate methodologies, maximize business value, and develop critical leadership skills. This webinar is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their project management abilities and succeed in today's dynamic landscape.

  • Webinar

    Measuring Success with Generative AI for Project Management: Metrics and KPIs

    Join Project Management Expert Ruchi Gupta as we explore the practical power of generative AI and how we can measure its impact on our everyday tasks and projects. We'll show you how to boost project efficiency, make better business decisions, and save time on tedious tasks using AI-powered insights.

    Earn 1 PMI PDU

  • Webinar

    Unlocking Efficiency: Explore Copilot's Versatile Solutions for Every Department

    Attend our webinar to see how Copilot boosts productivity across departments. Learn how it creates Excel dashboards, enables collaboration in Loop, generates PowerPoint decks, builds custom chatbots, and recaps meetings with action items. Discover Copilot's tailored features for marketing, finance, HR, and more.


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