Training Vouchers & Flexible Savings

FlexVouchers – Get More Results from Your Training Budget

Volume purchasing is straight-forward – the more you buy, the more you save – and that’s not unique. What is unique: your purchasing power is greater and more flexible than ever for more than course attendance with Learning Tree FlexVouchers.

What’s New for Your Corporate Training Budget

Just as learning has evolved, so has the way you can purchase workforce development services and centralize your spending to drive tangible results...with FlexVouchers. Think beyond classic (and often de-centralized) training budgets, classrooms, and instructor-led. Think lifecycle approach, with our reimagined Learning Ecosystem and powered by our customized learning management platform – with measurements and results reporting. (Yes, we can integrate with your existing LMS!)

Still Valid for Course Attendance & Purchasing Packs of 3-300!

Of course, for those who have previously purchased and loved our traditional Voucher programs, you can still use FlexVouchers for anyone in your organization to attend any Learning Tree courses. Of course, you can still purchase in packs of 3-300 – with per course savings built in to ‘buy more, save more’.

3 Effective Ways to Manage Training Costs with Learning Tree FlexVouchers:

  • Use for all of our learning solutions - including a broad selection of 600+ public courses plus a proprietary library of custom courses.
  • Real-time utilization tracking via your ‘My Learning Tree Account.’
  • Lock-in upfront negotiated savings now; plan and apply later as you seek cross-dept. collaboration and alignment to organizational objectives.

Top 5 FlexVoucher Actions

Creative FlexVoucher Uses to Maximize Employee Training Budgets


Procurement of L&D Programs or Project/Process Improvement Workshops

Support Larger-Scale Transformation Initiatives or just-in-time project requirements or process change management initiatives


Private Group
Training Events

Off-The-Shelf or Custom-Designed for Teams, Departments or Cross-Functional – we handle all logistics and your teams can attend from wherever they are – in the world!


Development Plans

  • Public ILT/VILT Courses
  • On-Demand with Instructor Support Included
  • All-Access Blended Subscription Bundles
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