APMG-International Certification Training Course

Deliver and operate tech-enabled products and services efficiently

  • Student Benefits
    • Globally Recognized Accrediting Body whose members receive an average salary of over $99,000 per year
    • World-class certifying organization whose skill development is recognized in project management, implementation, and business performance
    • Beyond recognition and strong earning potential, this certifying body prepares you for a transferable skill set in high demand
    • Deliver faster, cost-effective low-risk changes to organizations by implementing proven best practices; learn core principles that are integral to successful project implementation
  • Enterprise Benefits
    • Proven certifying body with a track record of identifying key skills needed to help your organization succeed
    • Faster, cost-effective, and low-risk project management 
    • Stronger communication and stakeholder engagement
    • Improve project success
    • Gain greater visibility of costs and assets 
    • Reduce the cost of recruitment and training

APMG International Certification Training Courses

Authorized training aligned with the APMG International Certification Scheme

Each APMG International certification course prepares you to take and pass the associated APMG certification exam. Explore the courses above to learn more about the individual exams for each.

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APMG International FAQs

APMG International certification features a diverse portfolio of certification schemes including internationally renowned solutions for Project, Business and Information & Technology (IT) Management, Cyber Security and Public-private partnerships.  

Their portfolio of certification schemes supported by a network of APMG accredited organizations like Learning Tree makes it easy to find a nearby training course or consultancy service. 

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