The Duke Advanced Technology Leadership Program

In Partnership with Duke Corporate Education, Turning Technical Experts Into Transformational Leaders

  • Student Benefits
    • Obtain skills, tools, and real-world practice to not just manage but successfully lead others through constant change
    • Influence others through collaboration to optimize technology deployment and deliver more business value
    • Earn completion certificates after each course and a Program Certificate after the successful completion of five courses; certificates issued from Duke Corporate Education and Learning Tree
  • Enterprise Benefits

    Overcome a reported 46% failure rate of transitions from individual contributors to leaders, by:

    • Helping your technical leaders face increasing complexity and uncertainty with confidence
    • Choosing from flexible solutions to address specific leadership skill gaps or a complete leadership certificate track
    • Building more “ready now” leaders, able to lead work, people, and change – and increase their impact on business outcomes
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"Teams are the atomic unit of work today and fundamental to our organization's success. Knowing how to build a team, lead work, and get the best out of diverse talent on a team is an indispensable skill."

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Advanced Technology Leadership Experience – The Flexible Journey

Leading in this fast-paced, constantly changing environment presents unique challenges. For technical leaders, the task is now to not only keep pace as an individual but to guide and bring others along as well.

Whether your learning track starts with a program certificate in mind or you want to focus on specific skill gaps, our solution is flexible.

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Program Course List and Description

Navigating Increasing Complexity

(2 Days)

Navigating Increasing Complexity focuses on the very nature of our working contexts today, arguing that the work we do is more complex than ever, and that this complexity demands new approaches. Participants learn how to recognize, diagnose, and respond appropriately to complex environments and situations in a highly interactive course setting. The course serves as an introduction and touch point to the rest of the courses in the certificate program.

Translating Strategy into Results

(2 Days)

Translating Strategy into Results sensitizes technical leaders to the mindset necessary to think and act strategically as they lead and execute work in their organizations. Attendees focus on the mutually supportive skills of translating the larger organizational strategy to their own work and architecting their own strategies for executing this work. Additionally, participants learn the importance of having a strategic frame of reference that maintains alignment of strategy with the critical domains of operations and people to enable effective implementation and desired results.

Thriving in Dynamic Change

(2 Days)

Technology changes are relentless, overwhelming, and promise improvement yet frequently disappoint in both execution and results. Learners will explore new approaches and apply frameworks to help them see change not as a disruption that needs to be managed, but as an opportunity for growth and improved performance. They will experience how change affects themselves and others and practice ways to lead their teams and organization through dynamic change.

Elevating Team Impact

(2 Days)

Teams are increasingly becoming the atomic unit of work, important to successfully executing organizational strategy. 80% of people’s time is spent working in teams. However, there is no guarantee that team results are aligned with strategic expectations, which largely depends on the team’s leadership. Learners will explore how to lead a cohesive, collaborative team, leverage diversity, and produce great results with numerous hands-on activities to practice deploying collaborative techniques both inside and beyond team boundaries.

Driving Breakthrough Innovation

(2 Days)

50% of all innovation efforts fail to realize the expected value because the innovation doesn’t address the real problem, or execution fails. The technical leader, who leads many of the innovation efforts in organizations, needs a solid, customer-centered approach to initiating, developing, and deploying innovative solutions. Learners will engage in a customer-centered design process from framing to implementation and practice discovering, framing, and driving successful innovation efforts that create sustainable value.

Influencing Collaborative Solutions

(2 Days)

Most organizations today are de-emphasizing their hierarchal structures in favor of cross-functional groups, and this significantly increases the collaboration needed to produce desired results. How does a technical leader gain the information, perspectives, and permissions, needed to get the work done and own the result without the requisite authority to make the “call” – at speed? Learners will learn how to collaborate and influence others when they don’t have positional authority. Participants will also engage in several influence and agility drills to hone their capacity for producing solutions quickly.

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Program FAQs

This Transformational Technical Leadership Certificate Program focuses on turning technical experts into transformational leaders and is issued in partnership with Duke Corporate Education. There is no comparable leadership program addressing the specific technical workforce who are challenged with constantly changing environments.

No, you will earn a Transformational Technical Leadership Program Certificate for successfully completing 5 of the 6 courses in this program, issued by Duke Corporate Education and Learning Tree. You will earn a course completion certificate after completing each course, also issued by Duke CE and Learning Tree.

Yes, start with {Course; 3830} (2 Days) if you are on the Program Certificate Track and then choose 4 additional elective courses to complete the program. If you are not interested in the  Certificate Program, you can take any course at any time.

After successfully completing the first required course and 4 electives, Learning Tree will provide you with your Program Certificate, issued by Duke Corporate Education and Learning Tree, which will include details on how you can share your badge/certificate.

Yes, please contact us below for a group training quote.

Yes, continuing education units are self-reporting and your completion certificates will indicate how many units are eligible with each course and with the Certificate Program.

You will be able to take these live instructor-led courses online via Learning Tree's optimized for virtual learning AnyWare® platform.  You can also attend in-person at the Education Centers shown for each public course date.  For private group training, we can deliver these courses at a location of your choice as in-person or hybrid. Contact us for details.

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