Driving Breakthrough Innovation: Duke CE Certificate Program

Course 3834

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: English
  • Level: Advanced

50% of all innovation efforts fail to realize the expected value because the innovation doesn't address the real problem or execution fails. The technical leader, who leads many of the innovation efforts in organizations, needs a solid, customer-centered approach to initiating, developing, and deploying innovative solutions. Learners will engage in a customer-centered design process from framing to implementation and practice discovering, framing, and driving successful innovation efforts that create sustainable value.

Driving Breakthrough Innovation Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

Driving Breakthrough Innovation Course Information

In this Driving Breakthrough Innovation course, you will:

  • Describe how the application of a design thinking process can yield offerings that create, deliver, and capture sustainable and differentiated value in the marketplace
  • Apply a customer-centric approach to elicit the needs of the customer
  • Define innovation and its multiple sources
  • Innovate on both customer-facing products and internally-facing processes
  • Apply an ideation approach to ensure broad diversity of thought and perspective in developing a concept
  • Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching

Driving Breakthrough Innovation Prerequisites

Driving Breakthrough Innovation Exam and Certificate Information

  • No Exam
  • This course is part of the Duke CE Transformational Technical Leadership Program, designed by Learning Tree in partnership with Duke Corporate Education. Upon completion of the 5 courses that make up the program, attendees will receive the Transformational Technical Leadership certificate from Duke CE.

Driving Breakthrough Innovation Course Outline

This module contains the following learning topics:

  • The Transformational Technical Leadership Framework
  • What’s in your wallet?
  • The course learning Objectives
  • The course Learning Journey

This module contains the following learning topics:

  • Innovation today
  • Innovator is everyone’s role
  • Innovation versus creativity
  • The leader’s role in innovation

This module contains the following learning topics:

  • Innovation is a discipline
  • Innovation is customer-centric
  • Innovation is solving customer problems
  • Types of Innovation

This module contains the following learning topics:

  • The discipline of criticizing your ideas
  • Reframing to see the real problem
  • Fail forward fast repeatedly
  • Achieving an innovative solution: the Innovator’s DNA

This module contains the following learning topics:

  • Digging deeper
  • Pain points
  • Reframing
  • Solving the right problem
  • This module contains the following learning topics:
  • Operating outside-in
  • Expanding perception and thinking
  • A diversity of perspectives
  • The challenges of attaching to a single idea

This module contains the following learning topics:

  • Cycles of testing
  • Loops of learning
  • Managing failure
  • The gift of unexpected results

This module contains the following learning topics:

  • Pressure testing solutions in the real world
  • Habits and routines that support curiosity
  • The continuous learning mindset
  • Challenge the status quo!

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Driving Breakthrough Innovation FAQs

No, you will earn a Transformational Technical Leadership Program Certificate for successfully completing 5 of the 6 courses in this program, issued by Duke Corporate Education and Learning Tree. You will earn a course completion certificate after completing each course, also issued by Duke CE and Learning Tree.

After successfully completing the first required course and 4 electives, Learning Tree will provide you with your Program Certificate, issued by Duke Corporate Education and Learning Tree, which will include details on how you can share your badge/certificate.

Yes. Start with the 2-Day course, Navigating Increasing Complexity: Duke CE Certificate Course, if you are on the Program Certificate Track, and then choose 4 additional elective courses to complete the program. If you are not interested in the Certificate Program, you can take any course at any time.

You will be able to take these live instructor-led courses online via Learning Tree's, optimized for virtual learning, AnyWare® platform. You can also attend in-person at the Education Centers shown for each public course date. In addition, we can deliver these courses at a location of your choice as in-person or hybrid for private team training. Contact us for details.

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