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Red Hat Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration (CEPH125)



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Red Hat® Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration (CEPH125) is part of the Emerging Technology series of courses from Red Hat Training. This five-day course is designed for storage administrators or cloud operators who want to deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage in their production environment as well as their OpenStack® environment.

  • Deploying Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Creating a Ceph Block Device client
  • Deploying the Red Hat Ceph Storage Gateway objects
  • Troubleshooting Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Red Hat Ceph Storage operations and tuning
  • Integrating Red Hat Ceph Storage with Glance
  • Integrating Red Hat Ceph Storage with Cinder
  • Integrating Red Hat Ceph Storage with Keystone

Important Course Information

  • Requirements

    • Knowledge in Linux server administration and Linux command line
    • Fundamental storage knowledge
    • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or the equivalent experience with Linux

Course Outline

Introduction to course and Ceph

  • Introduce the course, Ceph Storage, and related Ceph systems

Overview of Ceph components

  • Provide an overview of the requirements to create and access object storage data in Ceph Object Store

Overview of CRUSH map

  • Understand CRUSH data placement algorithm and how it is used to determine data placement

Ceph Block storage

  • Describe the method to create and access block storage data with the Ceph Block device (RBD)

Ceph Filesystem

  • Describe the method to create and access file storage data with the Ceph distributed file system

Ceph Storage cluster

  • Create a Ceph object cluster

Ceph file

  • Configure a Ceph file in Global, MON, MDS, and OSD server sections

Ceph clients

  • Work with Ceph object clusters, Ceph Block Devices, Ceph Object Gateway daemons, and Ceph Filesystem

Ceph pools

  • Understand Ceph pool concepts and configuration

CRUSH map configuration

  • Configure and manage CRUSH map

MON servers

  • Explain and create MON servers

OSD servers

  • Explain and create Ceph OSD servers and OSD Maps

MDS servers

  • Overview, configure, and map MDS servers

Alternative deployment

  • Overview alternative deployment methods

Ceph operations & maintenance

  • Overview and troubleshoot daily maintenance with Ceph

Performance tuning

  • Tune the Linux server

Ceph daemon optimization

  • Overview and optimize Ceph daemons

Architectural considerations

  • Discuss architectural considerations for Ceph Performance Optimization

Ceph Client tuning & troubleshooting

  • Tune and troubleshoot Ceph Client

Introduction to OpenStack & Ceph

  • Introduce and explain integration of Ceph and OpenStack

Integrate Ceph with Glance

  • Integrate object storage for image with Glance

Integrate Ceph with Cinder

  • Integrate block storage for VMs with Cinder

Ceph and Ceph Object Gateway daemons

  • Overview process to replace Swift with Ceph and Ceph Object Gateway daemons

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