New Strategies to Combat the Cyber Security Skills Gap

The ISC2 Cybersecurity Skills Gap is often cited as a grim statistic for the cybersecurity industry, with the most recent study pointing to a shortfall of more than 4 million professionals. But is it really as bad as it sounds? Join Cyber Expert & Learning Tree Curriculum Dean Aaron Kraus in this webinar to break down what that skills gap number truly means and identify strategies to help close the gap.

In this webinar, you'll:

  • Explore the Cybersecurity Workforce Study and the 4.07 million workforce gap
  • Explore whether the skills gap is really as bad as it sounds
  • Discover how we work to fix the cyber skills gap
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Presented by Aaron Kraus, Learning Tree Instructor & InfoSec Expert

Aaron Kraus is an InfoSec and Cybersecurity executive with 15 years of experience across diverse industries including government, healthcare, financial services, and tech startups. His background includes auditing, GRC, and most recently cyber risk insurance. He blends a diverse background of education, leadership, and global perspective on risk-based decision making into actionable, data-driven information security management. 

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