Neurodiverse: Communication Skills for Everyone

In this webinar, you will learn how companies undervalue the motivation, mindset and skills needed to be a successful technical worker regardless whether they are neurodivergent or not. Recognize how current approaches are causing technical workers, with their neurodistinct thinking, to be separated from the full engagement companies need from their valuable technical team. This course is designed help bridge the gap between the neurotypical and neurodistinct in a way where everyone wins.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a neurodiverse inclusive experience within your organization.
  • Recognize the Neurodistinct Asperger’s, ASD, Autistic Adults in your company to understand how they can change your success in communication!
  • Work together on communication, collaboration and mutual understanding to build a strong and successful working relationship.
  • Help neurotypical team members better understand how to relate to and work with Neurodistinct individuals, and so much more!

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Neurodiversity: Hidden Culture and Learning the Language Training

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Neurodiversity: Hidden Culture and Learning the Language

Understand neurotypical and neurodistinct thinking and help you discover hidden talents in your workforce. Help all team members understand how to relate to and work together to help build successful working relationships and improve cross-departmental communication.

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Presented by Tim Goldstein

As a Neurodiverse Communication Specialist, Tim helps organizations to overcome the business/technology communication gap. Using his Cloud Neurodiversity™ concept he explains how this communication challenge comes from the way our brains are shaped and wired. He has used agile including Scrum, Kanban since 2007.

He has worked with NoSQL and alternate technologies including MongoDB, AWS Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake and is an expert in Looker product. In the tech world, Tim has architected, developed, refactored, maintained MS SQL OLTP & BI Reporting systems for an impressive group of well known clients and has done extensive BI data warehouse work, architecture, and star schema & cube design. Additionally, he is a Certified High Performance Coach, Certified Master Presenter, and has given peer level presentations to senior executives and multiple companies around the world.

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