Measuring Success

The Learning Tree Approach to Evaluation

As your learning partner, we take accountability by ensuring your training program matches the learning needs and requirements of your organization, while delivering them on-time and on-budget.

Our Success is Measured by Yours

Whether it’s to gauge employee learning, job performance or overall business impact - we will help you identify what needs to get measured. 

We’ll create an evaluation schedule to determine your time frames, training goals and desired outcomes.

We will execute evaluations based on learner engagement, information retention, behavioral change, pre-and-post-training assessments and other workplace performance indicators.

You will have the ability to analyze your training efforts with comprehensive data analysis and relevant reports generated by our team of experts.

What metrics do you need to determine success for your organization?

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive but flexible approach to measuring the impact of your team training program. 

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we utilize a comprehensive suite of globally recognized assessment tools that offer training and tracking versatility to satisfy your budget, time and departmental goals.

See our top 3 proven methods for measuring enterprise training effectiveness

The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model uses a comprehensive four-level strategy to evaluate training effectiveness:

1. Reaction
2. Learning
3. Behavior
4. Results

The Phillips ROI Model uses a 5-step process to determine the difference between training cost and training results:

1. Collect the pre-training data
2. Collect the post-training data
3. Isolate the effects of a training program
4. Convert the data to monetary gains
5. Calculate the return

The CIPP Evaluation Model focuses on four key evaluators to systematically collect information about a program to identify strengths and limitations in content or delivery, to improve program effectiveness or plan for the future of a program:

1. Context
2. Input
3. Process
4. Product

Utilize our evaluation tools and award winning learning platform to maximize your skills training program.

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