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Learning Tree has been there as a guide when individuals and organizations needed to learn new technologies and skillsets for 40+ years.

Technology has changed considerably since we offered our first micro-processor course, and when we look at the progress we collectively have made, we should feel proud of what we have accomplished together.

The great thing about technology is that it’s a journey. There is no “there”, only the goals that we collectively set and work together to achieve.

Technology is changing faster than ever. We have access to more information than we ever dreamed possible, but have less time to learn. To allow teams and individuals to master skillsets and grow, learning must be tailored to their moments of needs. A guided learning ecosystem is needed to be successful, one that combines practical tools and resources with a customized experience. We all have unique abilities and talents to deliver on that promise.

We are excited to unveil our new logo and renewed commitment to supporting the global technology community. In the upcoming months, you will see evidence of our evolution, one made with a single intent – ensuring that your passion for technology has the support that it needs to grow and lead.

— Regards,
David Brown
Learning Tree International CEO

The Learning Tree Approach


On March 7, 2019, former Learning Tree CEO Richard A. Spires unveiled the next evolution of Learning Tree, a learning ecosystem based around a scalable set of products and services designed to support organizations as they work to transform themselves through the development of their workforce. Why is now the right time for this holistic, blended learning approach?

  • Blended Learning is 35% more impactful than eLearning or classroom learning alone
  • Social learning has 75% better ROI over eLearning

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TREEvolution Event | Richard Spires Presentation

Watch the presentations from all speakers to find out what Learning Tree is doing to make this reimagined learning ecosystem a reality in the industry.

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Taking the Next Step


Factoring in a distracted learning environment1, along with the prevalence of easily accessible (but low quality) free training resources, the learning marketplace is overwhelmed by many choices that do not provide a holistic outcome-based approach that is both flexible and scalable:

  • 1% of a typical workweek is all that employees have to focus on training and development
  • Knowledge workers are constantly distracted with millions of websites, apps and video clips
  • More than 70% of workforce learning happens via on-the-job interactions

1 Source: Bersin, Deloitte Consulting Group LLP

A modern learning ecosystem should deliver a results-oriented approach to meet all moments of learning needs, at scale. At Learning Tree, we envision a world where passion for technology and organizational growth strategically align. Our Learning Ecosystem is powered by our Learning Management Platform: Scalable. Customizable. Integrated.

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State of Tennessee
IT Academy

The State of Tennessee partnered with Learning Tree to build its IT Academy, which operates as a state-run professional development hub and services more than 1,500 state IT employees.

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System Integrator Partnership – delivering value to end-customer

Through partnering with a leading system integrator, Learning Tree is tasked to deliver the training elements of a communication system integration project. With an 18-month timeline, Learning Tree to date has developed 3 computer-based training’s and 7 instructor-led courses, with 375 trained.

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Supporting a Full Migration to AWS by 2020 for a Large Insurance Company

What began as introductory Amazon Web Services training with a custom course being delivered 50 times to over 1,250 of this insurance company’s employees has grown to an expanded AWS Adoption Program.

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Meet Modern Learning

Building a modern workforce requires a systematic approach that can truly scale with the enterprise, as well as track your progress at both the individual level and as a lifecycle view of our program. Enter the Learning Ecosystem, powered by Learning Tree’s new Learning Management Platform (LMP) and engineered for enterprise growth.

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