Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF) Certification Training

Level: Intermediate

A DevOps test engineer is an individual accountable for testing software in a DevOps environment. CTF is unique in the testing training and certification market as it is the first course available that addresses testing in a DevOps environment. This includes the active use of test automation, testing earlier in the development cycle, and instilling testing skills in developers, quality assurance, security, and operational teams. CTF is relevant for any modern IT professional involved in defining or deploying a DevOps testing strategy for their organization

"Testing engineering is the backbone of DevOps and the primary key for successful DevOps pipelines. Anyone serious about DevOps will benefit from the comprehensive understanding of DevOps Test Engineering provided by this course." - Marc Hornbeek, Course Author

Key Features of this Continuous Testing Foundation Training:

  • Participate in unique activities designed to apply training
  • Take sample documents, templates, tools and techniques with you post-training
  • Access to DevOps Institute additional sources of information and communities
  • Exam is included to test for certification

You Will Learn How To:

  • Execute DevOps testing strategies, test management and results analysis
  • Explore how DevOps testers fit within the DevOps community, and how their function differs from other types of testing
  • Optimize integration of DevOps testing into continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows
  • Prepare strategies for selecting test tools and implementing test automation

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Important Continuous Testing Foundation Training Information

  • Required Pre-Requisites

    • Familiarity with IT software development and operations responsibilities
    • General knowledge of software quality assurance testing concepts
  • Industry Credits

    16 PMI PDUs (Although DOI has not currently been issued an official code to submit for PMI PDU credit, you can submit for credit successfully by way of the “Other” category at the PMI website. Essentially, 1 PDU credit per hour of instructor-led training. So, in the case of DevOps Foundation, 16 credits would be applicable.)

  • Exam/Certification Information

    • Exam Duration is 60 minutes
    • Exams are Open Book and web based
    • DOI exams are administered by Kryterion Global Testing Solutions
    • To maintain the value and integrity of the certification, all candidates are required to attend approved DOI classes through one of the DOI REPs (Registered Education Providers) to be eligible to sit the exam.

Continuous Testing Foundation Training Outline

  • Course Objectives and Modules, Logistics

    • What is DevOps testing and its business benefits?
    • Relation of DevOps testing to other test methodologies
    • Principles of DevOps testing best practices & terminology
  • Culture changes

    • Organization changes
    • Process and team friction
    • Motivation strategies
    • Measuring success
  • Continuous Evolution

    • Troubleshooting
  • DevOps Pipeline

    • Testing on the pipeline
    • Test strategy choices
    • Pre-Flight strategies
  • Continuous Integration Testing

    • System Testing
    • Delivery Testing
    • Customer Testing
    • Test Environments
    • Lab Management
    • Topology orchestration
    • Test Automation Frameworks
    • Test Tools
    • Selection criterion
    • Automated metrics
    • Key concepts
  • DevOps Management

    • DevOps Test Management Metrics
    • DevOps Management Tools
    • DevOps Test Results Analysis
    • Integrating DevOps Results Analysis
    • Fictitious Product Test Requirements
  • Exam Review

Continuous Testing Foundation Training FAQs

  • Can I take the exam without the course?

    DevOps Institute (DOI) believes certification reflects the quality of your training experience. To maintain the value and integrity of the certification, all candidates are required to attend approved DOI classes through a REP like Learning Tree in order to be eligible to sit the exam.

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