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Deploying Unified Contact Center Enterprise (DUCCE v10.0)



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Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (DUCCE) is a 5-day instructor-led course that helps prepare learners to deploy the Unified CCE v10.0 solution including installation, deploying HA and using troubleshooting tools to identify issues with inbound and outbound Contact Center functionality. This course is intended for those installing the Unified CCE solution, or those providing Level 3 solution support. Students will learn enough about CCE scripting in this course to ensure system functionality only. Additional CCE scripting information and lab exercises are provided in AUCCE1 & AUCCE2.

You Will Learn How To

  • Identify the basic components and operations of the Unified CCE solution.
  • Use the available UCCE tools to complete a basic UCCE system installation.
  • Discuss the installation and configuration steps required to support agent functionality in a UCCE deployment.
  • Install a basic CCE VXML Solution.
  • Install, configure and run a CCE Outbound Option Campaign.
  • Describe how to support CCE.

Important Course Information


  • Working knowledge of Cisco networking and components such as routers and switches.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft software products such as Microsoft Windows Server deployed in an Active Directory environment.
  • Attendance in AUCCE Part 1 (AUCCE1) or equivalent real world experience is strongly recommended to attend this course.
  • To participate in the hands-on labs in this class, you need to bring a laptop computer with the following:
    • Windows 7 or 8.1 or 10 is recommended. Mac OSX 10.6 or greater is supported as well.
    • Intel Celeron or better processors are preferred.
    • 1 GB or more of RAM
    • Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer 10 or greater or Mozilla Firefox. (Safari and Mozilla Firefox for Mac OSX)
      Note: Our labs currently cannot run on Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) due to it not supporting Extensions/Add-ons or Google Chrome due to Java being removed from the platform itself.
    • All students are required to have administrator rights to their PCs and cannot be logged in to a domain using any Group Policies that will limit their machine's capabilities.
    • If you do not have administrator rights to your PC, you at least need permissions to download, install, and run Cisco Any Connect Client and Java.
    • If you are participating in a WebEx event, it is highly recommended to take this class at a location that has bandwidth speeds at a minimum of 1 Mbps bandwidth speeds.
    • All PCs require the latest Java Runtime Environment, which can be downloaded from

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Course Outline

  • Module 1: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v10 Foundations

Lesson 1: Introducing UCCE

Lesson 2: Unified CCE Architecture and Components

Lesson 3: UCCE Terms, Routing and Additional Components

Lesson 4: Accessing UCCE Tools

  • Module 2: Preparing UCCE for Basic IVR Scripting

Lesson 1: UCCE Protocols and Call Flows

Lesson 2: Using Domain Manager

Lesson 3: Introducing the Unified CCE Main Installer

Lesson 4: Central Controller Installation

Lesson 5: Installing Admin Data Servers and Clients

Lesson 6: Configuring ICM for CVP

Lesson 7: Configuring CVP for UCCE

Lesson 8: UCCE Voice Gateway Internetworking Considerations Introducing SIP

Lesson 9: Basic IVR Scripting with Microapps

  • Module 3: Preparing UCCE for Basic Agent Functionality

Lesson 1: Configure UCM to Support UCCE

Lesson 2: Installing UCCE CTI Software

Lesson 3: UCCE Configuration and Scripting for Additional Agent and IVR Functionality

Lesson 4: Enabling Transfers and RONA

  • Module 4: Installing and Configuring CCE VXML Solution

Lesson 1: Basic VXML Functionality

Lesson 2: Installing and Configuring VXML Solution

Lesson 3: Exploring Courtesy Callback

  • Module 5: Installing CCE Outbound Option

Lesson 1: Introduction to Outbound Option

Lesson 2: Outbound Option Installation and Configuration

Lesson 3: Configuring Outbound Option for Agent and IVR Campaigns

  • Module 6: Supporting CCE

Lesson 1: ICM Processes

Lesson 2: Diagnostic Framework Suite

Lesson 3: UCCE Support

Lesson 4: Service Assurance

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