Architecting on AWS (AWS-ARCH) Training

Level: Intermediate

This Architecting on AWS course covers the fundamentals of building an IT infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The course is designed to teach solutions architects how to optimize the use of the AWS Cloud by understanding AWS services and how these services fit into cloud-based solutions. This course emphasizes AWS cloud best practices and recommended design patterns to help students think through the process of architecting optimal IT solutions on AWS. Case studies throughout the course showcase how some AWS customers have designed their infrastructures and the strategies and services they implemented.

Plus, this AWS Architect course will prepare solutions architects to successfully take the official exam and become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.

Coming Soon! AWS Certification Changes

AWS is making changes to their certifications — Find out what that means for you ›

Key Features of this Certified Solutions Architect Training

  • Official AWS training curriculum
  • Attend in-class or online

You Will Learn How To

  • Make architectural decisions based on the AWS recommended architectural principles and best practices
  • Leverage AWS services to make your infrastructure scalable, reliable, and highly available
  • Leverage AWS managed services to enable greater flexibility and resiliency in an infrastructure
  • Make an AWS based infrastructure more efficient in order to increase performance and reduce costs
  • Use the Well-Architected Framework to improve architectures with AWS solutions

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In Class & Live, Online Training

  • 3-day instructor-led training course
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In Class & Live, Online Training

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Important AWS Architect Course Information

  • Requirements

    We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites:

    • Courses taken: AWS Technical Essentials Training
    • Working knowledge of distributed systems
    • Familiarity with general networking concepts
    • Working knowledge of multi-tier architectures
    • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts

AWS Architect Course Outline

  • Day 1

    • The Simplest Architectures
    • Adding a Compute Layer
    • Adding a Database Layer
    • Networking in AWS Part 1
  • Day 2

    • Networking in AWS Part 2
    • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Elasticity, High Availability, and Monitoring
    • Automation
  • Day 3

    • Caching
    • Building Decoupled Architectures
    • Microservices and Serverless Architectures
    • RTO/RPO and Backup Recovery Setup
    • Optimizations and Review

Note: course outline may vary slightly based on the regional location and/or language in which the class is delivered.

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AWS Architect Training FAQs

  • What is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate?

    The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate examination is intended for individuals who perform a solutions architect role. This exam validates an examinee's ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies.

    It validates an examinee's ability to:

    • Define a solution using architectural design principles based on customer requirements.
    • Provide implementation guidance based on best practices to the organization throughout the life cycle of the project.
  • What is required to be eligible for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam?

    It is recommended you take AWS Technical Essentials Training before you take this course.

    • One year of hands-on experience designing available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, and scalable distributed systems on AWS.
    • Hands-on experience using compute, networking, storage, and database AWS services.
    • Hands-on experience with AWS deployment and management services.
    • Ability to identify and define technical requirements for an AWS-based application.
    • Ability to identify which AWS services meet a given technical requirement.
    • Knowledge of recommended best practices for building secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform.
    • An understanding of the basic architectural principles of building on the AWS Cloud
    • An understanding of the AWS global infrastructure.
    • An understanding of network technologies as they relate to AWS.
    • An understanding of security features and tools that AWS provides and how they relate to traditional services.
  • What is the next level of certification for an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate?

    Advanced Architecting on AWS Training is the next course you should take after finishing this AWS course.

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