QUIZ: Does your Organization Cultivate an Enterprise-Wide Culture of Cyber Security Responsibility?

From customer-facing employees to the IT team, operations to the C-Suite, cyber security is everyone's responsibility. Answer the questions below to find out how prepared your workforce is to defend against today's cyber threats.

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Quiz Yourself on Cyber Security Culture

For each question below, answer, "Yes," "No," or "I Don't Know."

  1. Do employees at all levels have a concise and consistent understanding of how our organization views and manages the security of our property, systems, and data?
  2. Are all employees routinely trained and tested on security awareness?
  3. Are employees asking themselves and their colleagues before every action - "Could this current action create a vulnerability for myself, my network, or my organization?"
  4. Are proactive discussions of system and data security included in all high-level business decisions?
  5. Do customer-facing employees fully recognize the importance and sensitivity of our customer data, as well as its proper storage, protection, and retrieval?
  6. Do we have a defined, cross-departmental triage plan when (not if) a cyber attack occurs?
  7. Are employees proactively and reactively reporting system and data vulnerabilities to a dedicated, organizational resource or team? Are there incentives to do so?
  8. Do employees feel confident about their own capabilities to help mitigate vulnerabilities? If not, do they have the ease of access to professionals with the required expertise?
  9. Are employees and support personnel routinely briefed on the most prevalent threats that could potentially affect our organization and its assets?
  10. Does our organization encourage enterprise-wide collaboration, communication, and critical thinking on system and data protection? If so, do you know how these skills are being developed?


More than 3 "I DON'T KNOW" Answers:

If you answered "I DON'T KNOW" to more than three questions, your organization may be dangerously vulnerable to cyber threats.

Action Item: It's time to hold council with your management team to start getting answers so you can start planning your cyber strategy from the ground up. Start by downloading this quiz and sharing it with your management team to compare answers. Then visit our Cyber Success Headquarters to chart your next step.

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Less than 3 "YES" Answers:

You've got some work to do, but it's not too late to establish a culture of cyber security responsibility in your organization. Perhaps start with the CyberSAFE Essentials?


3-7 "YES" Answers:

You've got a solid foundation for an effective cyber security culture in your organization, but there's no time to stop now. Make sure your organization is cyber-ready from the top down with these resources.


More than 7 "YES" Answers:

Congratulations! Your workforce is thinking in the security context more often than not, and you're backing up your strategy with cross-departmental communication, planning, and security training. This is no time to rest on your laurels, however. The security landscape is changing every day.


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This piece was originally posted on October 2, 2019, and has been refreshed with updated styling.

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