Neurodiversity: Hidden Culture and Learning the Language Training

Course 283

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation

Did you know that nearly 40% of our population is believed to be neurodiverse? Individuals who are neurodiverse experience, interact and interpret the world differently than others. While most people classify as neurotypical, the distinct behaviors and characteristics between the two can naturally cause a disconnect and impact how we communicate as a workforce.

For any organization that promotes diversity, team communication plays a pivotal role in not only how we perform individually, but how we execute organizational objectives. Learning about neurodiversity can help bridge the gap between the two.

Understanding neurotypical and neurodistinct thinking can help you discover hidden talents in your workforce. And helping all team members understand how to relate to and work together will help build successful working relationships and improve cross-departmental communication.

Neurodiversity: Hidden Culture and Learning the Language Training Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

Neurodiversity: Hidden Culture and Learning the Language Training Benefits

Create a neurodiversity inclusion within your organization.

 Reduce tech worker turnover.

 Increase technical staff productivity and engagement

Recognize the neurodistinct Asperger’s, ASD, and autistic adults in your company.

Help neurotypical team members better understand how to relate to and work with neurodistinct individuals.

Reference sheets for your workplace

Neurodiversity: Hidden Culture and Learning the Language Training

Who Should Attend This Course?

Neurodiversity should be an essential part of any organization’s talent strategy. Companies that embrace neurodiversity in the workplace can gain competitive advantages in many areas — productivity, innovation, organizational culture, and talent retention. This course is designed for the Neurodistinct and the Neurotypical.

  • What is Neurodiversity and why does it matter
  • Communicating Concepts
  • Objects
  • Words matter
  • Narrowing the communication gap between Neurodistinct and Neurotypical
  • How the Neurodistinct think
  • Three degrees of interest
  • Common Traits of technical type Neurodistinct individuals
  • Black and White Thinking
  • Anxiety on the spectrum
  • Theory of Mind, we don’t think the same
  • Filtering
  • Meltdowns
  • The communication portal
  • Communication Blueprint
  • Basic Rules, the 3 B’s
  • Volume and detail of information, names and definition
  • How to get a decision from the Alien’s
  • Bedrock rules, required, not suggested
  • Organization and Structure: Company wide
  • Organization and Structure: Individual
  • Visual Communication Tools
  • Conclusion

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Neurodiversity: Hidden Culture and Learning the Language Training FAQs

Yes, this course is designed to improve the communication between the Neurotypical and the Neurodiverse creating more inclusive practices within their workplace.

Yes, this course teaches you how to be an effective teammate to colleagues with autism spectrum disorder, in line with our diversity and inclusion curriculum.

Yes, this course is eligible for 8 DevOps Institute Continuing Education Units. Learning Tree offers a variety of DOI CEU-eligible training to help you maintain your certification. View the list of DOI CEU-eligible training courses.

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