ChatGPT for Business Users: On-Demand

Course 7302

  • Duration: Less than a day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation

During this 1-hour ChatGPT for Business Users: On-Demand course we'll explore Conversational AI with a focus on ChatGPT. By the end, you'll grasp what Conversational AI is, familiarize yourself with related terms, and discover its applications in both business and personal life. We'll delve into using ChatGPT for day-to-day activities at the office, offering tips to optimize its features. Through reviewing prompts and responses, you'll learn how to improve results. Additionally, we'll develop your own Prompt Engineer to streamline prompt creation and ensure accurate responses from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT for Business Users: On-Demand Delivery Methods

  • On-Demand

  • Enterprise Solutions Available

ChatGPT for Business Users: On-Demand Training Information

In this course, you will:

  • Become familiar with Conversational AI, enabling you to use it daily.
  • Learn valuable tips for utilizing Conversational AI effectively.
  • Develop the skills to be your own prompt engineer, creating detailed prompts for optimal results.

Training Prerequisites


In this module, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Conversational AI. You'll become familiar with essential terms related to Conversational AI and discover practical ways to incorporate it into your daily interactions.

This module will guide you through using ChatGPT effectively. You'll learn to review different prompts and their responses from ChatGPT, enabling you to achieve better results with your queries.

In this module, you'll dive deeper into prompt engineering and customization. Develop the skills to create personalized prompts that yield the best responses for your specific business use cases, making you your very own prompt engineer.

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ChatGPT for Business Users: On-Demand FAQs

Absolutely, this course will help you in your position at the office even as a non-technical user.

This course uses GPT-3.5

No, you do not! However, if you do use GPT-4, you will still benefit from the course.

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