Prompt Engineering Automation with Python Course

Course 1296

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Sandbox: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Level: Advanced

Welcome to the 5-day artificial intelligence and prompt engineering course! This exciting and cutting-edge Prompt Engineering Automation with Python Course shows you how to automate prompting with Python to get the most value out of artificial intelligence. 

You will explore the latest and most powerful Python and LangChain tools so you can automate agents. Emphasis is placed on balancing creative ambition with controlled responsibility to unlock sustainable business value.

Prompt Engineering with Python Training Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

Prompt Engineering with Python Training Information


Understanding how best practice Python can help business: This course shows how to get the most out of combining Python tools with large language models, using the LangChain Python framework and techniques such as prompt templates, chains, vector embeddings and agents.

Leveraging the full range of automated AI tools available: Use large language models to automatically combine the value in your business files with freely available public data.

Applying autonomous and best practice prompting techniques: With practical business use cases, this course provides hands-on coding for real-time competitor analysis, dynamic marketing and insightful recruitment strategies relevant to all industries.

Training Prerequisites

  • Must be able to write and run basic Python scripts.
  • Familiar with principles of libraries and API calls.
  • Working knowledge of writing prompts for chat models.
  • Comfortable with various AI outputs.
  • Experience with AI-generated conversations and hallucinations.

Prompt Engineering with Python Training Outline

  • Why Python is required for advanced prompt engineering
  • LangChain Python framework overview
  • LangChain tools - LLM, search, retrievers, chains, agents
  • Prompt engineering with Python
  • Querying LLMs with Python
  • In-depth review of the five main LangChain tools: LLM, search, retrievers, chains, agents
  • Hands-on exercises using Python on each tool
  • Prompt injection and sequencing with chains
  • Configuring LangChain agents
  • Agent automation with Python
  • Monitoring and debugging agents
  • Reviewing agents’ readiness for production
  • Creating effective, prompt templates
  • Injecting dynamic data into prompts
  • Storing prompts & outputs in vector databases
  • Use cases for scaling prompts
  • Real-world business applications of LangChain
  • Hands-on workshop solving sample business challenges
  • Developing an end-to-end LangChain solution
  • Presentations and review
  • Capstone assessment applying skills to a new commercial use case
  • Future applications

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Prompt Engineering with Python Training FAQs

Yes. As a Data Analyst, you’ve probably been exposed to Python and used ChatGPT. So, if you’re now looking to upskill to cutting-edge AI techniques, this course will be very beneficial. 

You will learn the latest AI techniques to help many aspects of data analysis, such as automation and AI/ML use case analysis.

It’s how we instruct Artificial Intelligence in plain language to get meaningful results. It appears straightforward, but to get accurate and valuable business insights from AI, we must engineer our prompts skillfully, employing several precise techniques. 

It can be further leveraged with python tools and automation, which you learn in this course.

Mainly the Python LangChain framework, including tools for connecting large language models such as ChatGPT. You also learn to use APIs to connect your business documents, search engines and reference websites such as Wikipedia. 

The APIs are continuously updating, so experimentation and comparison across models and tools is encouraged.

You should be able to already write and run basic Python scripts and know the principles of libraries and API calls. You should also have a working knowledge of writing prompts in one of the chat models so you can quickly learn the advanced techniques taught in this course.

You should already be comfortable with a wide range of AI outputs and have firsthand experience of conversations and hallucinations.

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