6 Virtual Instructor-Led Training Myths Busted with AnyWare

It's no secret that more and more people are choosing virtual, online and eLearning options to gain new skills and advance their careers, but there are many online training tools which get in the way of providing a real in-depth learning solution. They have lots of glitz, animations, and headlines -- but do these really enhance the learning?

If you've taking an online training course in the past, you've likely got some pre-conceived notions about what to expect with your next one. And you might be right if you're thinking about most online training programs -- but AnyWare is different. Over the years, Learning Tree have been enhancing their presentation system to provide an interactive classroom experience from the attendee's office or home.

Explore these Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) myths and see how the AnyWare virtual training platform shatters each one.

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"Virtual training means I won't interact with my peers."

With AnyWare, you see, hear, and engage with your peers just like you would in class, including breakout group functionality that fosters group exercises, discussion, and learning.

Whereas most virtual classroom tools in the industry were developed by technology companies, AnyWare is the only platform that was designed and built by a learning and development organization, Learning Tree. Our development ethos centers on the understanding that virtual attendees needed more engagement not less. The current platform delivers a similar level of interaction and engagement to what you might experience in the classroom, including hands-on labs/exercises, 2-way communication with learning consultant and classmates, virtual whiteboard, break out group functionality, multi-camera views, consultant view of attendee workstation to track progress and engagement, chat pods, etc. This level of detail and functionality stands it apart from any other platform, providing organizations with a smoother transition from the classroom to virtual.

"I'm too distracted at home to focus on training."

We know it can be difficult to focus on certain training at home. Passive activities like reading a book or watching a video or webinar can be easily disrupted by distractions at home. The AnyWare experience is fully immersive, requiring engaged participation from all involved, including webcams and headsets so you can see and hear the rest of the class just as if you were in the same room. We're so sure you'll find the experience superior to any online training you've taken before, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on AnyWare virtual training.

"Virtual training limits my time and ability to communicate with the instructor."

When you take an AnyWare class, the instructor is an expert who has been trained on best usage of the AnyWare system, meaning they will be adept at ensure every participant -- whether in class or online -- is fully engaged in the learning experience.

"Virtual training means listening to someone read slides for hours."

Not the case! The AnyWare platform features social learning capabilities like breakout sessions, group discussion, group and hands-on lab exercises, polls, and other functionality so you feel like you're right there with your instructor and peers.

"Virtual training instructors spend so much time troubleshooting platform tech issues that there's little time left for training."

Our AnyWare Technical Support Team is a click away to help you get up and to answer questions any time during your course, so you can immerse yourself in a distraction-free learning experience.

"I'm going to forget everything I learned right after class."

This may be the case with some virtual learning tools, but not AnyWare. Every AnyWare training course includes features like real-world application exercises, use cases, hands-on, labs, and after-course instructor coaching. Many courses include an after-course virtual computing sandbox as well, so you can practice your skills in a similar environment to your class. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured you'll have the experience and resources to immediately apply what you learned on the job.

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