ITIL® v3 Lifecycle: Continual Service Improvement Training

Level: Intermediate
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Gain the foundational knowledge and skills you need to plan, implement, and optimize processes and activities in this ITIL Service Lifecycle: Continual Service Improvement course. This Intermediate CSI course will teach you to meet and adapt to the changing needs of end users as well as improving efficiencies and returns on investment for organizations. Successful completion of this course prepares you to pass the Intermediate level ITIL CSI certification exam, and earn three credits towards ITIL Expert certification.

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Key Features of this ITIL Continual Service Improvement Certification Training:

  • Self-paced, on-demand learning option
  • Exclusive LinkedIn community support included
  • ITIL exam voucher included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Prepare for and pass the ITIL Continual Service Improvement (CSI) exam
  • Apply the seven-step improvement process
  • Deliver CSI using proven techniques
  • Organize for CSI by defining responsibilities with tools and technology
  • Implement CSI while analyzing challenges, critical success factors, and risks



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On Demand & Instructor Coaching

Unlimited annual access to:

  • On-demand ITIL CSI modules, courseware, and instructor support
  • Earn PMI PDUs for self-directed learning
  • Exam voucher included
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On Demand & Instructor Coaching

ITIL On-Demand Training Information

You get annual access to an on-demand ITIL CSI course, official courseware, and support directly from the course instructor.

  • Prerequisites

    • Must hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate (see Course 1197, Achieving ITIL® Foundation Certification)
  • Certification Information

    • Achieving the ITIL Intermediate Qualification: Continual Service Improvement certificate provides three credits toward your ITIL Expert certification.

On-Demand Training Outline

  • Module 00: Course Introduction - ITIL® 2011: Continual Service Improvement

  • Module 01: Exam Tips

    • Understanding the exam process
    • Exam questions and grading
    • Taking the exam
    • Using the practice exams
  • Module 02: Service Management as a Practice Part 1

    • Lifecycle Review
    • Processes
    • Generic Roles
  • Module 03: Service Management as a Practice Part 2

    • Purpose, Objectives and Scope of CSI
    • CSI Roles and Responsibilities
    • RACI Model Overview
  • Module 04: Service Management as a Practice Part 3

    • CSI Inputs/Outputs
    • CSI Challenges
    • CSI CSFs & Risks
    • Exam Questions Exercise: Sample Exam 1 - Questions 2, 4 Sample Exam 2 - Question 5, 8
  • Module 05: CSI Principles

    • Management Principles for CSI
    • 7 Step Improvement Process
    • Governance
    • Other Frameworks
    • Exercise: CSI Day-to-Day Activities
    • Exam Question Review: Sample Exam 1, Question 4 Sample Exam 2, Question 8
    • Exam Questions Exercise: Sample Exam 1 – Question 7
  • Module 06: CSI Process Part 1

    • Purpose, Objectives & Scope of 7-Step
    • Value to the Business
    • 7-Step Improvement Process Introduction
  • Module 07: CSI Process Part 2

    • The 7 Steps Analyzed
    • Strategy for Improvement
    • Defining Measurement
    • Gathering and Processing Data
    • Data Analysis and Presentation
    • Implementation of Improvements
    • Roles specific to the 7-step
  • Module 08: CSI Process Part 3

    • Triggers, Inputs/Outputs and Interfaces
    • Integration to SM Processes
    • Exercise: Process Interfaces
    • Metrics, Challenges and Risks
    • Exercise Review: CSI Day-to-Day Activities
    • Exam Questions Exercise: Sample Exam 1 – Question 8 Sample Exam 2 – Question 6
  • Module 09: CSI Methods and Techniques Part 1

    • Assessments
    • Gap Analysis
    • Benchmarking
  • Module 10: CSI Methods and Techniques Part 2

    • Service Measurement
    • Managing Measurement
    • Metrics
    • Reporting
  • Module 11: CSI Methods and Techniques Part 3

    • Measuring and Reporting Frameworks
    • SWOT
    • ROI
    • Business Case
    • Service Reporting
  • Module 12: CSI Methods and Techniques Part 4

    • CSI and Service Management Processes
    • SLM, Availability Management, Capacity Management, ITSCM
    • Problem Management, Knowledge Management
    • Exam Question Review: Sample Exam 2, Question 6
    • Exam Questions Exercise: Sample Exam 1 – Questions 1, 5 Sample Exam 2 – Questions 1,2 and 3
  • Module 13: Implementing CSI

    • The Role of Governance and COBIT
    • Organizational Change)
    • Communicating Strategy and Plan
    • Exercise: Develop and Use the Balanced Scorecard
    • Exam Review: Sample Exam 1, Question 5
    • Exam Questions Exercise: Sample Exam 1, Questions 3, 6
  • Module 14: CSI Technology Considerations

    • Technology Considerations
    • Tools to Support CSI Activities
    • Exercise Review: Develop and Use the Balanced Scorecard
    • Exam Questions Exercise: Sample Exam 2, Questions 4, 7

ITIL Continual Service Improvement FAQs

  • How will I access my course materials if I choose this method?

    Once payment is received, you will receive an email from Learning Tree with all the links and information you need to get started.

  • How do I use my exam voucher to take the ITIL CSI exam?

    After you receive your ITIL CSI exam voucher from Learning Tree, the exam can be taken any time after the course is completed via PeopleCert (online) or at an eligible testing center.

  • How do I receive PMI PDU's for the on-demand course?

    This on-demand course qualifies to provide you with continuing education credits in the PMI Schema. To record your PDU's follow these steps: 

    • Go to
    • Log in using your registered user name
    • Go to myPMI, then select Report PDUs on CCRS
    • Select Course or Training category
    • Fill in all required information

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