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This workshop is designed for Lean Six Sigma team leaders and expands upon the skillset taught in the Black Belt certification. Learn advanced six sigma techniques and how to deploy them, and develop your skills as a leader to drive the six sigma culture in your organization. At the end of this workshop you will have developed a convincing, detailed plan to roll-out lean six sigma in your organization.

Training accredited by Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth:

Professional certification is a process in which a person proves that he or she has the knowledge, as a basis, for performing a specific job. The proof comes in the form of a certification earned by passing quizzes, an exam, case studies, actual case or some combination of these items that are provided by an accredited organization. Accreditation is recognition that an educational institution has a certain standard of quality that other reputable organizations will honor. Without accreditation the certification provider may not provide the participant lasting value. Therefore, it is imperative that you receive your certification from a trusted, accredited institution. Dartmouth College, founded in 1769, is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE) of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Accreditation is a non-governmental, non-profit, self-regulatory, peer review process based on rigorous standards.

Workshop Schedule:

*11 – four hour sessions including breaks; sessions run 10:00 am to 2:00 PM Eastern Time U.S.A. and 2 – two hour sessions (approximately 48 hours of training) plus the participant writes a highly-developed 8 to 12+ page whitepaper that is of significant strategic and market insight, and developed for use at their current business. A test is required. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification is from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth will be awarded upon successful completion of coursework, test, and white paper project. Please review the PDF for the Schedule options: Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Schedule

You Will Learn How To

  • Develop leaders in the company who become capable of leading the six sigma culture
  • Expand your competence in leadership, business acumen, and six sigma technical expertise
  • Gain the knowledge needed to move from the big picture to actual implementation
  • Become a role model for black belts and others

Important Course Information

  • Who would benefit from this training?

    The Master Black Belt workshop is for those individuals that want to gain an in-depth knowledge of setting strategy and then implementation of an entire Lean Six Sigma Initiative. This Workshop is designed for Master Black Belt candidates who are directors, managers, engineers and others who already have a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

  • Course Materials

    Attendees are provided with the following course materials:

    • Leadership’s Broken Link, book provided as a pdf
    • Leadership I/O, manual provided as a pdf
    • Other materials from various instructors in support of the learning objectives
    • All lecture slides in pdf format for download to your computer
    • All lecture recordings (via dropbox mp4 format for download to your computer)
    • Test in WORD format
  • Prerequisites

    Participants must have completed the Black Belt program and submit proof of certificate.


    A laptop with a functional copy of a statistical analysis package, Minitab, will be needed for this workshop, and for the test. Minitab is available for free trail for 30 days. Purchase of Minitab is additional cost to the participant.

    A headset with microphone is required, as using built-in speakers/microphone causes echo issues. Headsets give participants complete interaction with the instructor and other students.

  • Homework

    Read the entire text “Leadership’s Broken Link” (approx. 100 detailed pages), and specific assignments from the Leadership I/O manual

    During a 30-day break, students will write a highly-developed 8 to 12+ page whitepaper that offers significant strategic and market insight- developed for use at their current company. Each student will present their whitepaper (live online), providing a convincing, detailed, implementation plan to the class.

  • Exam Information

    Participants will complete a test (approx. 16 hours, open book/notes) to demonstrate their knowledge of prior Black Belt material (not taught in this workshop). As a Black Belt, you must be able to do this through your own effort:

    1. Confidence Interval/Hypothesis Test Problem(s)
    2. Poisson Distribution Problem(s)
    3. Binomial Distribution Problem(s)
    4. DOE Problem(s)
    5. SPC Problem(s)

    The test will also include knowledge of material taught in this workshop:

    1. Advanced Design for Six Sigma, product or process design in contrast with process improvement
    2. Logistic Regression
    3. Advanced Design of Experiments (DOE)

    Participants have 5 days from the end of class to pass this take-home test.

  • Certification Information

    Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering, will issue a certificate of completion, in pdf format, to participants who successfully complete the case study and pass the take home test.

Course Outline

Exclusive Private Team Training Course

Enhance your team's effectiveness and boost productivity with this course, delivered privately to your organization or to any preferred location, including options for hybrid or all-virtual delivery via AnyWare.

This training course could be customized, and combined with other courses, to meet the specific needs of your team's training.

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Attendee Benefits

After-Course Instructor Coaching
When you return to work, you are entitled to schedule a free coaching session with your instructor for help and guidance as you apply your new skills.

Free Course Exam
You can take your Learning Tree course exam on the last day of your course or online any time after class.


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