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Achieve your Professional Services Authority Foundation Certification in this training course by understanding the roadmaps for specific technologies and how they impact your business. With this certification, you know how to evaluate and assimilate different technology options, understand the implications of each option, and translate these options into concise documentation that is widely understood.

You Will Learn How To

  • Prepare for and pass the PS Professional Authority Certification exam
  • Understand the six distinct categories of disruptive technology and their impact on adoption
  • Gain technology awareness that supports appropriate technology forecasting
  • Use model-based techniques for forecasting disruptive technology
  • Apply the laws of technological evolution for technology prediction

Important Course Information

  • Course Preparation

    • The following books are provided for pre-course reading: Handbook of Technical Writing, The Innovators Dilemma: When new Technologies cause good firms to fail, and Persistent Forecasting for Disruptive Technologies

Course Outline

  • Technology Roadmap Awareness

Disruptive technologies

  • Identifying your organization's capabilities for adapting to technology change
  • Recognizing sustaining and disruptive technologies in your industry sector and their market impact
  • Identifying potential technology-driven and solution –driven opportunities for disruptive technologies

Technology forecasting

  • Understanding the maturity of current technology
  • Reviewing published technology forecasts and understanding differing views
  • Understanding the theory of increasing returns for modern technology or knowledge-orientated businesses

Technology roadmapping

  • Evaluating technology potential for future needs in a forward-driven technology roadmap
  • Identification of reach methods of a given target, set by the marketplace in a backward/market-driven roadmap
  • Identification of the ‘layers’ of an organization’s technology roadmap i.e. know why, what and how
  • Design Documentation Skills

Preparing to succeed

  • Being clear in the purpose of the document and ensuring alignment of scope
  • Assessing audience needs and interests and the context in which they will interpret meaning
  • How to select the medium most appropriate to the audience and purpose of your communication

Organizing to impress

  • Using the most appropriate method of development to structure ideas and keep information under control
  • Creating integrated visuals that are clear and consistent to advance the intended purpose
  • Applying the three major principles of technical document design: grouping, contrast and repetition

Minding Your language

  • Using the active voice appropriately to improve clarity
  • Checking for unity and coherence in your writing, to achieve comprehensibility and conciseness
  • Managing language style and content to avoid affectation
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Enhance your team's effectiveness and boost productivity with this course, delivered privately to your organization or to any preferred location, including options for hybrid or all-virtual delivery via AnyWare.

This training course could be customized, and combined with other courses, to meet the specific needs of your team's training.

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When you return to work, you are entitled to schedule a free coaching session with your instructor for help and guidance as you apply your new skills.

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Learning Tree's comprehensive training and exam preparation guarantees that you will gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve professional certification and advance your career.

PS Professional is a certification program accredited by APMG International that develops commercial and personal strengths to complement existing technical expertise. <a href='' class='nobr'>Read more ...</a>

PS Professional is a certification program accredited by APMG International that develops commercial and personal strengths to complement existing technical expertise. Read more ...

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