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Level: Intermediate
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In this BCS Modelling Business Processes course you learn to apply industry standard business process modelling and analysis techniques and understand the framework for business process improvement within which these techniques may be applied. The investigation, modelling, analysis, and improvement of business processes is key to an understanding of both Requirements Engineering and Business Process Improvement (BPI). These techniques and practices reduce the cost of development and potential re-work across the organization to create high quality products and add business value.

In addition, this course prepares you to take the BCS Modelling Business Processes exam at the end of the course.

Key Features of this Modelling Business Processes Training:

  • Train your whole team by bringing this course to your facility

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify core business processes at an organizational and process level
  • Model business processes at the organizational and process level
  • Recognize the events that trigger the business processes
  • Analyze the tasks within a business process
  • Improve your business processes

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Important Modelling Business Processes Course Information

Modelling Business Processes Course Outline

  • The Context for Business Processing Modelling

    What is business process modelling?

    • Why model business processes?
    • Benefits of carrying out process modelling

    Importance of modelling business processes

    • Comparing the functional and process views of organizations
    • Enabling business improvement and refinement
    • Facilitating large-scale system changes and integration

    Creating effective process models

    • Performing detailed analysis
    • Modelling the as-is process
    • Identifying improvements and the to-be process
    • Involving stakeholders in process modelling

    Creating a hierarchy of business processes

    • Organization
    • Process
    • Task

    Process modelling and Business Analysis

    • Supporting requirements engineering
    • Reinforcing the business case
    • Helping with downstream testing
  • Using an Organizational model for processes

    • The strategic context for business processes
    • Mapping process relationships
    • Building an organizational view of processes
    • Delivering value to customers and the value proposition
  • Modelling Business Processes

    Business process modelling techniques

    • Identifying actors
    • Specifying the start and end point in the process
    • Clarifying tasks, process flows, rules, and decisions

    Modelling the as-is business process

    • Events that trigger business processes
    • External business events
    • Internal business events
    • Time-based business events

    Identifying outcomes from business processes

    • Timelines for business processes
    • Business process measures
      • Internal measures
      • External measures
  • Documenting Tasks

    Identifying tasks

    • One person, place, and time
    • Documenting steps to complete the tasks

    Documenting business rules

    • “If … then … else” statements
    • Decision tables
    • Decision trees

    Measuring task performance

  • Evaluating and Improving Business Processes

    Identifying problems with the as-is business processes

    • Measuring performance: time, quality, and resource usage/cost
    • Determining target and actual values
    • Aligning with corporate strategy and tactics as well as customer needs

    Improving the process

    • Using problem diagnosis techniques
    • Process improvement techniques

    Modelling the improved process

    • Checking for quality and completeness
    • Supporting development of the Requirements Catalogue
  • Transitioning to the “to Be “Process

    Implementation strategies

    • Creating a pilot
    • Deploying implementation strategies

    Planning the transition

    • Simulating and refining the to-be process
    • Estimating resource usage
    • Realizing benefits

    Decommissioning the as-is process

    • Supporting the transition
    • Enabling cultural change
    • Supporting stakeholders through the change process
    • Sustaining continuous improvement

Modelling Business Processes Training FAQs

  • Who is the BCS Institute?

    The BCS Institute is The Chartered Institute for IT.

  • How do I achieve Practitioner Certification in Modelling Business Processes?

    You can earn the Practitioner Certification in Modelling Business Processes if you pass the course exam.

  • How many CDUs/PDUs does this Modelling Business Processes course provide?

    In Modelling Business Processes you will not receive any PDUs.

  • How can I bring this Modelling Business Processes course to my facility to train my team?

    Learning Tree provides Private Team Training that can save time and travel costs by training your entire team at once, at a convenient location of your choice. We handle all the details including instructor travel, tailored content, comprehensive course materials, shipping and equipment setup and teardown.

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