Data Analysis using Excel Level 1: Report Builders

Level: Foundation

This Data Analysis Using Excel course lays the foundation for all Power BI for Excel Designers. It is the first of several courses an Advanced Power BI Designer would require. Power BI Report Writers will learn everything they need to create highly effective PivotTable and PivotChart reports using data models created by more advanced Power BI Designers. Topics covered include an overview of the PowerPivot add-in, creating effective and professional reports, creating data driven narratives, effectively applying different chart styles, using data hierarchies, and creating simple custom data calculations.

Key Features of this Data Analysis Using Excel Training:

  • Microsoft Official Course content
  • Eligible for SATV redemption

You Will Learn How To:

  • Introducing PowerPivot
  • Defining a Report
  • Understanding PowerPivot Data
  • Create Reports using PowerPivot Data
  • Creating PowerPivot Functions

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Course Data Analysis Using Excel Information

  • Recommended Experience

    • Excel levels 1 & 2, including PivotTable & Pivot Chart skills
    • A basic understanding of database concepts

Data Analysis Using Excel Course Outline

  • Lesson 1 : Introducing PowerPivot

    • What Is Power BI for Excel?
    • What is PowerPivot?
    • Power BI for Excel Key Features
    • The Self-Service BI Model
    • PowerPivot Components

    Lesson 2 : Defining a Report

    • What is a PowerPivot Report?
    • Defining a Report
    • Data-Driven Storytelling

    Lesson 3 : Understanding PowerPivot Data

    • Understanding Data Terminology
    • Understanding Tables
    • Understanding Relationships
    • Diagnosing Data Models
    • Data Model Schemas

    Lesson 4 : Create Reports using PowerPivot Data

    • Making Changes to PowerPivot Data
    • Creating PowerPivot PivotTables
    • Creating PowerPivot PivotCharts
    • Creating Slicers
    • Graphing Data

    Lesson 5 : Creating PowerPivot Functions

    • Calculated Columns
    • What is DAX?
    • Understanding DAX Functions
    • Common DAX Functions
    • Dates and Date Functions

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    Why do we require your location?

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