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Implementing Cisco IOS Networking Security (IINS v3.0)



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5 Days

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Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS) v3.0 is a 5-day instructor-led course focusing on security principles and technologies, using Cisco security products to provide hands-on examples. Using instructor-led discussions, extensive hands-on lab exercises, and supplemental materials, this course allows learners to understand common security concepts, and deploy basic security techniques utilizing a variety of popular security appliances within a “real-life” network infrastructure.

You Will Learn How To

  • Describe common network security concepts
  • Secure routing and switching infrastructure
  • Deploy basic authentication, authorization and accounting services
  • Deploy basic firewalling services
  • Deploy basic site-to-site and remote access VPN services
  • Describe the use of more advanced security services such as intrusion protection, content security and identity management

Important Course Information


  • Skills and knowledge equivalent to those learned in Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1)
  • Working knowledge of the Windows operating system
  • Working knowledge of Cisco IOS networking and concepts
  • To participate in the hands-on labs in this class, you need to bring a laptop computer with the following:
    • Windows 7 or 8.1 or 10 is recommended. Mac OSX 10.6 or greater is supported as well.
    • Intel Celeron or better processors are preferred.
    • 1 GB or more of RAM
    • Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer 10 or greater or Mozilla Firefox. (Safari and Mozilla Firefox for Mac OSX)
      Note: Our labs currently cannot run on Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) due to it not supporting Extensions/Add-ons or Google Chrome due to Java being removed from the platform itself.
    • All students are required to have administrator rights to their PCs and cannot be logged in to a domain using any Group Policies that will limit their machine's capabilities.
      If you do not have administrator rights to your PC, you at least need permissions to download, install, and run Cisco Any Connect Client and Java.
    • If you are participating in a WebEx event, it is highly recommended to take this class at a location that has bandwidth speeds at a minimum of 1 Mbps bandwidth speeds.
    • All PCs require the latest Java Runtime Environment, which can be downloaded from

Exam Information:

  • Course tuition does not include an exam voucher.

Redeem Your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs):

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Security Concepts

Lesson 1: Threatscape

Lesson 2: Threat Defense Technologies

Lesson 3: Security Policy and Basic Security Architectures

Lesson 4: Cryptographic Technologies

Lesson 5: Module Summary

Lesson 6: Module Self-Check

  • Module 2: Secure Network Devices

Lesson 1: Implementing AAA

Lesson 2: Management Protocols and Systems

Lesson 3: Securing the Control Plane

Lesson 4: Module Summary

Lesson 5: Module Self-Check

  • Module 3: Layer 2 Security

Lesson 1: Securing Layer 2 Infrastructure

Lesson 2: Securing Layer 2 Protocols

Lesson 3: Module Summary

Lesson 4: Module Self-Check

  • Module 4: Firewall

Lesson 1: Firewall Technologies

Lesson 2: Introducing the Cisco ASA v9.2

Lesson 3: Cisco ASA Access Control and Service Policies

Lesson 4: Cisco IOS Zone Based Firewall

Lesson 5: Module Summary

Lesson 6: Module Self-Check

  • Module 5: VPN

Lesson 1: IPsec Technologies

Lesson 2: Site-to-Site VPN

Lesson 3: Client Based Remote Access VPN

Lesson 4: Clientless Remote Access VPN

Lesson 5: Module Summary

Lesson 6: Module Self-Check

  • Module 6: Advanced Topics

Lesson 1: Intrusion Detection and Protection

Lesson 2: Endpoint Protection

Lesson 3: Content Security

Lesson 4: Advanced Network Security Architectures

Lesson 5: Module Summary

Lesson 6: Module Self-Check

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