Leading Teams Training: Improving Productivity Through Teamwork

Level: Foundation
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In this Leading Teams training course, you gain the skills to structure, measure and tune team performance. Through practical workshops, you learn how to become a leader who equips his or her teams with the skills and capabilities to deliver world-class results. You also learn how to create the conditions for success in service delivery teams, integrate leadership characteristics into your management style, and deploy a multilevel approach to minimize communication breakdowns.

Key Features of this Leading Teams Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Develop your teams to maximize their strengths and enhance productivity
  • Optimize organization and work design for success in service delivery teams
  • Motivate your team with effective performance measurement
  • Integrate your leadership responsibilities, competencies and behaviors into your management role
  • Leverage the complementary skills and styles of your team
  • Eliminate barriers and chokepoints that block teamwork



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Team Training

Important Leading Teams Course Information

  • Certification Information

Leading Teams Course Outline

  • Introduction

    • Focusing on people: the key to successful leadership
    • Debunking the charisma requirement
    • Defining leadership and leadership effectiveness
    • Linking the responsibilities, competencies and behaviors of successful leaders
  • Structuring Effective Work Design

    Identifying the components of effective teamwork

    • The power of team-owned ground rules
    • Optimizing team structure

    Designing effective work assignments

    • Matching task-to-team organization
    • Selecting the best team design
  • Shaping the Leadership Thought Process

    Managing beyond your team boundaries

    • Protecting the team from outside pressure and disturbance
    • Influencing key players to secure resources

    Questioning leadership conventions

    • Countering the myth of "Big L" leadership
    • Applying quiet leadership skills
  • Harnessing the Power of Motivation and Performance Measurement

    Building team-led effectiveness

    • Analyzing the subtle forces of measurement
    • Measuring what matters
    • Building a positive psychological contract
    • Tuning measures to optimize results

    Overcoming roadblocks to productivity

    • Motivating others by winning their cooperation
    • Ranking team member motivators
  • Forging Your Role as a Leader

    Integrating management and leadership

    • Distinguishing the five components of effective leadership
    • Applying leadership in service delivery teams

    Refining a powerful leadership approach

    • Encouraging feedback for enhanced performance
    • Building performance through emotionally intelligent leadership

    Adopting a servant-leadership role

    • Making the team your primary customer
    • Enhancing individual and team capabilities
    • Enabling the team as a key leadership activity
  • Adapting Your Leadership Role to Accommodate Difference

    Expanding your leadership perspective and capabilities

    • Adopting attitudes and expectations to enhance performance
    • Taking on the challenge of leadership excellence

    Converting difference into team effectiveness

    • Appreciating the uniqueness of each team member
    • Capitalizing on the differences and diversity of your team

    Pinpointing chokepoints in team dynamics

    • Modeling your team as a system
    • Optimizing system effectiveness
  • Designing an Effective Team Communication Strategy

    The elements of successful communication

    • The causal link between climate, mood and productivity
    • Recognizing mutual communication styles
    • The dominance of emotion in communication and thought

    Applying a diverse communication approach

    • Matching channels for communication clarity
    • Identifying situations that impact team performance
    • Applying a dispassionate approach to conflict resolution
    • Managing for agreement and handling conflict
  • Planning Your Transition to Successful Leadership

    • Building your vision for your high-performing team
    • Matching your leadership strategies to your team realities
    • Managing reentry into the workplace
    • Setting performance milestones to evaluate your success

Leading Teams Training FAQs

  • How can I bring this Leading Teams course to my facility to develop our team leaders?

    Enhance your team's effectiveness and boost productivity with instructor-led training delivered privately to your organization, live online, or to any preferred location!

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  • Can I earn Professional Development Units for the Leading Teams: Improving Productivity Through Teamwork course?

    Yes, you can receive PDUs from the Leading Teams: Improving Productivity Through Teamwork course.

    To find out how many PDUs you can receive, check out the PMI Q&A List ›

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